woman shocked at financesHave you got a great business that you love?

It’s going well, you’re making money and you’re happy, except….the thought of recording what money you have coming in and going out leaves you cold.

Many, many successful businesswomen have told me they have palpitations, cold sweats and the like at the very thought of having to do any kind of accounts work in their business. One even told me that she would rather stick pins in her eyes!

So if that sounds even a little bit like you then you’re in the right place.

You know at some point that your bookkeeping is going to have to be done so that you can complete and file your annual tax return, but let’s forget about accounts and tax returns for a moment and focus on your lovely business.

How do you know your business is moving in the right direction, thriving and growing and how can you nurture it into something even better if you’re not keeping an eye on your finances?

That’s where I come in.

In 2019 I have been an accountant for 33 years, which is a bit scary don’t you think?  What this does mean is that I know what your accountant wants from your books, I know how they want them presented to produce your accounts, which saves you money.  I recognise that women in particular are not well served by the accounting profession.

Click here to read about me and my background and why I’m unique amongst bookkeepers and you’ll discover why your business will be in a safe pair of hands.

I know I can make a difference to your business. I will help you get beyond the chore of doing your accounts freeing you up to focus on your business, whilst supporting you so that your business can grow.

I offer a personal service for women in business,tailored to your particular business and requirements, whether you are a one woman business or a much larger concern.

You can get in touch via my contact form at the bottom of the page.

Let’s take the first step together to organising your accounts and liberating you to focus on the business you love.

About You

MoreThan A Bookkeeper Client

You are a successful , organised and self-reliant businesswoman who:

  • Recognises the value and importance of having the best quality bookkeeping assistance for your business
  • Would like to have up to date financial information on your business
  • Would appreciate some advice or the answers to some questions
  • Can work virtually with ease
  • Will provide paperwork in a timely and organised fashion


Kind Words

Karen Gilbert“To call Jakki a bookkeeper is an understatement. I don’t think I really appreciated the problems a bad bookkeeper could cause until I had one. I was at the end of my tether and Jakki calmly and efficiently lifted everything off my shoulders and quickly sorted it all out. Despite the fact that we live miles apart it is so easy to work with her and I know my accounts will always be correct and done on time. Not sure quite how I managed without her!”

Karen Gilbert, Perfumer and Retailer


If you wish to discuss using my services for your business, please email me (jakki AT morethanabookeeper DOT com)* and advise me of your availability for a preliminary chat.

*I had to spell it out this way to stop spam emails