A good friend of mine recently told me about a book she was reading called $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better to Live More by Chris Guillebeau.  I love a good book, except rarely do I read novels, rather my reading matter of choice generally has a business focus.  I like the inspirational rather than the instructional and this book fits the bill.

Her recommendation sent me scuttling off to Amazon and, impatient soul that I can sometimes be, I immediately downloaded it onto my Notebook Kindle Reader.
I am not a Kindle convert, I prefer to have a book in my hands, so that amongst other things I can turn down the corners to mark points of importance to me.  Somehow the bookmark function in Kindle doesn’t quite do it for me in the tactile way having the real thing does.

I absolutely loved this book.  The author collated stories of business start ups, run by people with passion and which were started on a budget, many of less than $100.
The point being to illustrate that you can do it too. Yes you can.  I found myself with a notebook to hand coming up with idea after idea, prompted by the case studies in the book, but here’s the thing: all of my ideas were related to things I enjoy and am passionate about.

Having read it on the Kindle I then decided I wanted my own hard copy for quick and easy reference and for a re-reading.  So now I am on my second read through and the ideas keep coming.

So, if you find yourself stuck for inspiration why not get yourself a copy today and you never know where it might lead.

$100 Startup

You may remember, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, my review of the $100 startup book by Chris Guillebeau, click here if you want to read it again.

Did you have any business ideas?  More importantly did you act on them?  and if not, why not?

I was reminded about this book recently when I watched a video by Marie Forleo – How to Start an Online Business with No Money or Tech Knowledge.

We don’t do things, like starting a business, even though we know we really want to.

We know we could change our lives but we come up with lots of reasons why we can’t do it.

But think of a time when you really wanted something. I’ll bet you did everything you could to do or get that thing, you made the time or you saved the money, you made it happen.

So why then, even though we know our own small business could change our lives, making us less dependent on an employer and a salary limited by their budget or their view of what we are worth, do we not do it?

I suggest you watch Marie’s video and then follow the link to her website to her free video training on How To Get Anything You Want.

She says everything is figure-out-able, whether it’s the lack of technical know how or financial resources or both….

Here’s Marie’s video:

As example of the free stuff that’s available if you look for it, I’m giving you a free resource right here, with my ebook, that’ll get you started with your accounts.

So what are you waiting for?