Be The Best You Can BeFollowing on from last week’s Part 1 of Do What You Do Best Click Here to read it…

The other thing that stands out for me from the carvery story is that I allowed myself to judge that restaurant based on my experience at other restaurants.  Seems silly when you say it out loud, but it’s true. I am sure this is true in business too.

If you are in the service industry, for example, like a  Virtual Assistant (VA), chances are you won’t be the first VA service your potential client has used, so it is a good idea to anticipate their objections, based on their previous experiences. Your potential client might be sticking with the service they already have because they don’t want the upheaval of change – how many of us have stuck with our banks, even though we know they no longer serve our needs, because we don’t want the hassle of going somewhere else? Or your potential customer may not used a VA before, so then you need to reassure them, as they are likely to have preconceptions of what using your service is like.

How do you do that whilst communicating your passion for your business?

  • Can you offer a free report?
  • Can you offer a free consultancy so that they get to speak to the real you?
  • Can you film some short videos about what you do?
  • Can you get a testimonial from a happy client?

You need to communicate to your potential client that you are the best at what you are good at and that if they use your service they will have a good experience.

Here’s a radical thought: perhaps the best way is to say just that:

I’m the best VA, coach, bookkeeper etc and then live up to your billing by focussing on the stuff you are good at.

Here’s a video I really like by Carrie Green about being true to yourself

“Be the first rate version of yourself, not the second rate version of someone else.”  {Judy Garland}

Be The Best You Can BeOn Easter Sunday we went out for a family meal to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday.

We went to a restaurant I had never been to before despite the fact it has been there for at least 40 years.  What put me off, funnily enough, is what they do best…they are a carvery restaurant and I allowed myself to be put off because of the carveries I’ve eaten elsewhere.  In fact, my husband, of the same mind, had already decided, unseen and untasted, that he would have something from the a la carte menu.  So far so good you might think.  Except there was no a la carte menu.

This establishment know what they do well and that’s all they do.  I am assured, that they did at one time offer other choices but made the decision to focus on what they do best.

Wow! and do they ever do it well.

I was impressed.

So impressed I have been thinking about when we can go again ever since!

Noticing how other people run their businesses and learning from it is a good habit to get into as its surprising what you notice that can be adapted for your own business.

So tell me: what do you do best and are you focussing on that, and on that alone and being the best you can be?

Or are you trying too hard to be all things to all people? Just as important, if you know what you do best, are you telling everyone?

Let’s think about how you can make this happen:

  • Make a list of the things you do in your business.
  • Then make a list of the things you do really well.  Try and make this list short and laser focussed.
  • Then make a plan of action to concentrate on those things only: doing only them and marketing only them.

Chances are the things you do well are the things you enjoy doing. Said another way: The things we enjoy doing, we do well.  Doesn’t take a genius does it?

Once you follow this course of action, you, your business and your bank balance will see the benefit.

Let me know how you get on

shouldiworkforfreeThis graphic over to the left is a snippet of a infographic that was shared on Facebook a couple of weeks back (you can see the full thing by clicking here ) Basically all routes in answer to the question  lead to ‘No!, are you mad?, do not give your time for free!’

Now I can see the logic in that…but I would also like to offer a counter argument, dear reader.

First off let’s start with the logic.  I can speak with some authority on the matter having both offered to do work for free and actually having done work for free and the diagram is right – it didn’t lead to anywhere good…despite my good intentions… which is a shame because I find that being abundant is something that comes naturally as part of my psyche.

I offered to help a friend recently who was launching a business.  I offered to do his bookkeeping, assuming  that he was cash strapped and could do with some support from his friends.  (Notice he didn’t say that, I made the assumption) Then I observe that he is paying other business people to do what needs doing.  Hmmm, ever felt like you’ve been a bit daft?   However I had made the gesture and intended to be true to my word.  I recommended an accountant who was willing to reduce his fees based on the fact I would be doing the bookkeeping.  So far so good.  Except not –  The Companies House deadline for submitting accounts got closer and closer and despite numerous reminders, no records were forthcoming.  Then out of the blue, the accountant gets a letter from another accountant saying they had been appointed to act for the company…and that was that.

So, you would think I had learn’t my lesson….

Well yes….and er no.

There will be definitely no more bookkeeping for free that’s for sure…..I have a business to run and bills to pay like anyone else and I value my time and expertise.

However the abundance fairy can’t be kept down for long.

I work virtually and yes people can read about me on this website and watch the odd video, but it is no substitute for having a chat and seeing whether you think we can work together. I do like to give potential clients a taster of the real me. So I made the decision a while back to give people who downloaded my ebook 15 minutes of my time to discuss their particular business and get them started on the system I recommend in the book.

So far I have had a couple of takers and some lovely feedback.  I have totally loved it too.  I love being able to make a real difference to women by being a real, live person who they can talk to about their business and get over the fear hump of doing their own bookkeeeping.

Here’s what Susie said:


Book your free session with me by clicking here and making an appointment

So, what about you, do you give your time away for free and what has been your experience?  Do let me know in the comments below

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