I need help with business bookkeepingLast night I watched an episode of The Fixer.  Expert businesswoman Alex Polizzi visits small businesses who are in need of her expertise, many of whom are close to financial ruin, and gives them guidance on how to fix things.

Whilst watching I must say virtually the same thing to my husband every week, which is along the lines of ‘why do these people call her in and then not take her advice?’

I know it’s good telly when they are a bit grumpy and act like children who have had their favourite sweet taken away, but please.

Last night’s episode had me shouting at the telly.  Me, such a placid kinda gal normally!

I was also covering my eyes – how funny is that?  The people featured were just so infuriating.

Business owners tend to be very protective of their empire, but getting business expertise at that level for free and then not acting on it is sheer madness, surely?

But it didn’t end there….Having set up the business, a funeral directors, in a more welcoming way and given them lots of great new ideas and with a corresponding increase in business of 30%, the owner, having opened another branch during filming went on to reproduce the self same original shop, complete with demonstration coffins on the wall (I know, are they mad?), that Alex had attempted to fix.  Can you believe it? I’ll bet she was crying all the way home!

So what’s the business mistake business owners make?

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is to try and be expert at every facet of their business instead of the one thing that inspired them to start the business in the first place.  Not only does this mean they are spending lots of time doing things that do not bring them new business, which is where their expertise lies surely? It also means that the tasks they are not so good at get done, unsurprisingly, poorly or not at all.

If this is you I recommend reading The E-Myth,which is all about working on your business, not in your business, and using people with the expertise you lack to drive your business forward.  Meaning you can take you out of the business, and your business will still function.

Do you treat your bookkeeping in this way?

Do you panic about it, never get a system in place, let the fear and panic get worse, until eventually you are up until midnight doing your VAT or tax return?

If this is you, don’t make this business mistake, let me take away the fear and panic and fix your bookkeeping.

Think of keeping your bookkeeping up to date as a tool that can inform and grow your business, and use our expert services to help you do that.

We have a number of options to help you, whether you are just getting started, or if you want to sort out your existing system.
These range from our free book and consultation, guidance to get you going running your own system, plus ongoing support if you want it, or if you are ready to hand it over to someone else then be prepared to have your business transformed by my personal attention.

To get started with my free ebook and 15 minute consultation, send a blank email to mtab@aweber.com

Here’s what one lovely business lady wrote about my ebook and free consultation:

Client testimonialThank you Jakki, through your gentle and systematic approach you have helped to dispel years of negative beliefs about my ability to understand and organise my business accounts.Your book and audio ebook”Accounts Without Fear” clearly shows the basic steps of how to organise and file my accounts as well as offering a simple system how to record my business income and expenses. I like the tip to use Dropbox and the complimentary spreadsheet bonuses showed me how easy it is to stay on top of my recording. I am looking forward to April to start organising and recording my accounts. Full steam ahead. In peace. Thanks again..


Click the button below for your preliminary, no obligation chat, about our personal bookkeeping services:

Book an appointment with More Than A Bookkeeper using SetMore

Customer service feedbackAlthough I was asked to consider this question with regards to accountancy firms recently, it got me thinking that it could just as easily apply to any business, your business

We British are rubbish at complaining, aren’t we?

We would sooner slink off grumbling to our nearest and dearest than address the poor service or product directly to the company concerned.

Why is that?  I suspect that partly it is because we don’t expect our complaint to be handled seriously and also the British stiff upper lip.

But if you knew in your business that a customer had cause to complain and then ensured that you dealt with that complaint in the best way you possibly could imagine the effect that would have both on your customer and on what they would say about you and your business.

The result is that your business will become more successful.  Yes really!

Because you get so good at resolving problems that your customers will be stunned and won’t be able to stop talking about you.

When have you seen someone handle a complaint brilliantly? What impact did it have?

I challenge you to be brave enough to go hunt for more complaints and then stand back and see what impact it has on your business.

Accounting-For-Small-Business-SuccessBookkeeping can take up lots of your time when you are trying to run a business and this means they can often end up being done sporadically and in my experience not very well.

The obvious solution is to outsource your bookkeeping work but is it worth the expense?


Here are the top five reasons why you should consider outsourcing the bookkeeping for your small business:

  1. A good bookkeeper will actually save you money, giving you back the time you’d normally spend on your accounts. Consider this – if you currently spend 10% of your time doing bookkeeping activities – payroll, invoicing, expenses, etc., in a 40-hour week, this amounts to 4 hours – that’s 2 days a month! How much more would you earn if you were actively selling your service or product for an extra 2 days every month?
  2. Some business owners think that they’ll lose control of their finances by outsourcing their bookkeeping. If this is your experience, you need to find another one quickly! A good bookkeeper will keep you regularly informed as to how your business is progressing and should give you better control of your business finances, for example, preventing non-payment or double-payment mistakes that are easily made if you don’t have a good system in place.
  3. Any bookkeeper worth her salt will keep abreast of any legislation changes that will affect your business. Things like VAT, PAYE and mileage rates are regularly changing and it’s good to know that there’s someone out there who will ensure your business is kept up to date with these kinds of things.
  4. Submitting their annual tax return causes much burning of the midnight oil for many small businesses and, if records haven’t been kept in the right way, finding all the right information becomes a very hit-and-miss affair. With a bookkeeper, not only will your financial records be up to date, they’ll also be structured in a way that makes it very easy for your accountant to complete your tax return. Remember – accountants charge far more than a bookkeeper and keeping their work to a minimum will save you money.
  5. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a good bookkeeper will help you to understand your business much better – where your biggest profits (and losses) are, how much you’ve spent on marketing, how healthy your cash flow is looking. Having this kind of information to hand is vital if you’re to make the best decisions for your business and ensure its success.

Is it time to liberate yourself from your business bookkeeping and let a professional bookkeeper handle it?


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