Last Saturday I exchanged left brained activity for some creative right brained activity in the form of a baking day.

You can see all of the lovely things I baked and made in the photo on the left.

It got me thinking about the similarities between baking and bookkeeping. Yes really.

When you bake a cake you follow a recipe and if you miss out any ingredients or steps your cake wouldn’t work out right.

The same is true of bookeeping and this was illustrated to me with perfect timing by an online colleague.

We are both part of an fabulous google group for entrepreneurs called Money Making Magic, which you can read all about here
On Tuesday and Friday mornings a lot of members of that group meet up online for a virtual coffee morning to discuss and get support for anything to do with their business, known as soul chats.

Last Friday some members were discussing how they struggle with cashflow so I suggested that they download my cashflow spreadsheet and instructions and then come back to me with any queries.

What my colleague discovered was that she was missing a vital ingredient from her cashflow recipe and that was why she had struggled with it for so long.

Here’s what she said in the Google Group on Saturday morning:

“I just wanted to share my revelation this morning.  Yesterday on the Soul Chat, the wonderful Jakki Francis shared her simple Cashflow spreadsheet, which had one single row which had been missing from mine FOR YEARS! It was the “carried forward” row.  Seems daft, doesn’t it?
This morning I have done a cashflow forecast by day from now until the end of 2012 and boy, oh boy….what a revelation.  I see it all now, the whole picture.  I can hardly believe it!
Jakki Francis  – you rock!  Thank you!”

How lovely and gratifying to receive that. With one simple adjustment to her cashflow recipe she was able to forecast clearly what her business will be doing until the end of the year.

You can get my complimentary cashflow forecast spreadsheet, written and video instructions by joining my newsletter which comes out once a week and which you can join by completing the form on the top right of this page

Recipe Links:
Cherry Cake by Delia Smith
Pear and Almond Cake by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Bara Brith – A Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best Recipe
Coffee Ice Cream by Nigella (I substituted instant coffee and Tia Maria and it is delicious)
Blackberry Liqueur (although I made it using defrosted frozen raspberries and mixed summer fruits)

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