Gill Brabner

Gill Brabner

Resound Training and Development are a company that provide drama based learning for a wide range of organisations.

Gill Brabner is the director of the company, which will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in 2014.

Resound specialises in creating high impact learning experiences, providing the wow! factor at industry conferences is something that Gill has had lots of positive feedback on both from the organisers and the delegates. They provide humour, fun, impact and learning all at the same time and the audience create the solution. At conferences forum theatre is a great energiser after lunch.

You can clearly hear how much the audience are enjoying it in the video clip from the Independent’s Day conference from the Resound website at the link below:

Gill says it is of utmost importance to understand her clients’ needs, know them and provide value

She has developed a great team of professional actors who are highly skilled in improvisation and reflecting back to learners, but who also have a clear set of values.

Gill loves working with her team and the work that they do together and the audiences love it too.

The company is now reaping the rewards of their hard work and as a result are now working with large organisations and growing a sustainable long term business.

So what are the future plans for Resound Training and Development?

To coincide with their tenth anniversary next year the company are developing video based learning products.  These will focus on strong pieces of drama on work related topics and issues.
As well as the video clips there will be discussion questions, learner guides and facilitator notes to reproduce the workshop environment within the workplace, so a complete set of supporting materials.

These products have all been informed and developed as a result of the learning they have received from delivering their workshops and engaging with delegates.

After the initial roll out and feedback from some of their existing clients these products will be available early next year both as online downloads and hard copy DVDs and workbooks.

Gill and I have been working together since September 2012 and I asked her how More Than A Bookkeeper is helping her business to succeed.

She replied that she was asked recently, by a friend just starting up in business, what one thing she would do differently if she was starting over and her reply was that she would have had a bookkeeper right from the start.

She says that since working with me it has made a huge difference to her business.

The financial information she gets on a regular basis informs her on the business’ progress and ensures that everything is paid on time. She can then focus on her business: developing client value and support as well as developing her business without having to constantly worry about getting her accounts done and she has confidence that everything will be done on time. She says this has taken an immense weight off her mind and she wishes she had done it sooner and the business is thriving as a result.

Gill recognises that her value in the business is not sitting doing her accounts and in this competitive market offering good value is more important than ever and therefore she can put her focus totally where it needs to be.

You can contact Gill at

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