Following on from my recent article on the importance of cashflow (and don’t forget you can get a free spreadsheet already set up to use by signing up to our newsletter),

Anne Walsh of The Excel Expert  has written instructions and explains in the video below how you can convert your cashflow forecast or any excel spreadsheet data into charts.

(After clicking the play button click the TV logo in the bottom right corner to view full screen)

Creating a chart in Excel

  1. Make sure you only highlight the data you need (press the Ctrl key and keep it pressed down while you select the different areas
  2. Choose Insert – pick a chart (I used Line chart to track the total income and total expenditure)
  3. You should now have your chart.
  4. When you click on the chart, you should now have new tabs available to you on right of screen i.e. Design, Layout, Format. (If you can’t see them, make sure you have clicked on the chart)
  5. To add a title, click on Layout – Chart Title (choose Above Chart) and then type in your title.
  6. If you want to change the horizontal axis to show the date every 7 days instead of every day, click on the axis, choose Layout:  Format Selection
  • Click Axis options on left
  • Choose Major Units – change to Fixed – change to 7 (make sure days is the unit chosen)
  • Click OK.

7.  Note that you can also change the colour by choosing Chart Styles from the Design tab.

Anne Walsh has been teaching Excel since the mid-1990s and she wants to help you love it.

Check out her website: for tutorials and videos. You can also download a cheat sheet of great Excel shortcuts there as well.

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