Customer service feedbackAlthough I was asked to consider this question with regards to accountancy firms recently, it got me thinking that it could just as easily apply to any business, your business

We British are rubbish at complaining, aren’t we?

We would sooner slink off grumbling to our nearest and dearest than address the poor service or product directly to the company concerned.

Why is that?  I suspect that partly it is because we don’t expect our complaint to be handled seriously and also the British stiff upper lip.

But if you knew in your business that a customer had cause to complain and then ensured that you dealt with that complaint in the best way you possibly could imagine the effect that would have both on your customer and on what they would say about you and your business.

The result is that your business will become more successful.  Yes really!

Because you get so good at resolving problems that your customers will be stunned and won’t be able to stop talking about you.

When have you seen someone handle a complaint brilliantly? What impact did it have?

I challenge you to be brave enough to go hunt for more complaints and then stand back and see what impact it has on your business.

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