Be The Best You Can BeFollowing on from last week’s Part 1 of Do What You Do Best Click Here to read it…

The other thing that stands out for me from the carvery story is that I allowed myself to judge that restaurant based on my experience at other restaurants.  Seems silly when you say it out loud, but it’s true. I am sure this is true in business too.

If you are in the service industry, for example, like a  Virtual Assistant (VA), chances are you won’t be the first VA service your potential client has used, so it is a good idea to anticipate their objections, based on their previous experiences. Your potential client might be sticking with the service they already have because they don’t want the upheaval of change – how many of us have stuck with our banks, even though we know they no longer serve our needs, because we don’t want the hassle of going somewhere else? Or your potential customer may not used a VA before, so then you need to reassure them, as they are likely to have preconceptions of what using your service is like.

How do you do that whilst communicating your passion for your business?

  • Can you offer a free report?
  • Can you offer a free consultancy so that they get to speak to the real you?
  • Can you film some short videos about what you do?
  • Can you get a testimonial from a happy client?

You need to communicate to your potential client that you are the best at what you are good at and that if they use your service they will have a good experience.

Here’s a radical thought: perhaps the best way is to say just that:

I’m the best VA, coach, bookkeeper etc and then live up to your billing by focussing on the stuff you are good at.

Here’s a video I really like by Carrie Green about being true to yourself

“Be the first rate version of yourself, not the second rate version of someone else.”  {Judy Garland}

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