The Nook On The SquareHave you been watching The Restaurant Man series on BBC2?

This is where restaurateur Russell Norman helps people who want to set up their own restaurant.

I admit I haven’t watched the whole series, but this weeks’ was of particular interest because it featured a new business not far from me, in Dunchurch, near Rugby, called The Nook On The Square , about which I’d heard lots of good things from my foodie friends.

Kate and Alex, who own it, are obviously pretty savvy, having already worked out: a niche in the market, the numbers of covers they would need each day and what their daily spend would need to be, in order for the business to break even, a unique selling proposition (USP) -selling square scones as part of their afternoon tea – plus lots of other yummy sounding homemade food.

Russell took them to The Goring Hotel in London for tips on engaging with the customer and serving afternoon tea as well as to Paris (lucky them) to a bakery that makes square quiches fresh every day.

Despite family and other business commitments, they gave it their all to get the business launched, with a taster day in Dunchurch to determine their pricing and customer preferences.  They also leafleted the village houses prior to launch.

So, how did launch day go?  Did their research, knowing their numbers, recognising the need to delegate tasks and having a unique menu (including square quiche) with locally sourced ingredients pay off?  I hope you are noticing all of the business essentials in that last sentence.  

Well, yes, it went rather well actually, and no doubt the programme will have their cafe bursting at the seams again, I shall certainly be going very soon I can promise you that.
If you didn’t see it then I recommend catching up with it on iPlayer

So, how can you incorporate these business lessons into your business?

  • Do you know your numbers to break even and then make a profit?
  • Do you know what your customer wants?
  • Do you delegate tasks that you don’t need to do, e.g. bookkeeping,   leaving you time to focus on what you’re good at or what is essential that you do in your business?


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