shouldiworkforfreeThis graphic over to the left is a snippet of a infographic that was shared on Facebook a couple of weeks back (you can see the full thing by clicking here ) Basically all routes in answer to the question  lead to ‘No!, are you mad?, do not give your time for free!’

Now I can see the logic in that…but I would also like to offer a counter argument, dear reader.

First off let’s start with the logic.  I can speak with some authority on the matter having both offered to do work for free and actually having done work for free and the diagram is right – it didn’t lead to anywhere good…despite my good intentions… which is a shame because I find that being abundant is something that comes naturally as part of my psyche.

I offered to help a friend recently who was launching a business.  I offered to do his bookkeeping, assuming  that he was cash strapped and could do with some support from his friends.  (Notice he didn’t say that, I made the assumption) Then I observe that he is paying other business people to do what needs doing.  Hmmm, ever felt like you’ve been a bit daft?   However I had made the gesture and intended to be true to my word.  I recommended an accountant who was willing to reduce his fees based on the fact I would be doing the bookkeeping.  So far so good.  Except not –  The Companies House deadline for submitting accounts got closer and closer and despite numerous reminders, no records were forthcoming.  Then out of the blue, the accountant gets a letter from another accountant saying they had been appointed to act for the company…and that was that.

So, you would think I had learn’t my lesson….

Well yes….and er no.

There will be definitely no more bookkeeping for free that’s for sure…..I have a business to run and bills to pay like anyone else and I value my time and expertise.

However the abundance fairy can’t be kept down for long.

I work virtually and yes people can read about me on this website and watch the odd video, but it is no substitute for having a chat and seeing whether you think we can work together. I do like to give potential clients a taster of the real me. So I made the decision a while back to give people who downloaded my ebook 15 minutes of my time to discuss their particular business and get them started on the system I recommend in the book.

So far I have had a couple of takers and some lovely feedback.  I have totally loved it too.  I love being able to make a real difference to women by being a real, live person who they can talk to about their business and get over the fear hump of doing their own bookkeeeping.

Here’s what Susie said:


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So, what about you, do you give your time away for free and what has been your experience?  Do let me know in the comments below

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