I made a boo boo this week, did you notice?

If you’re on my newsletter list I’m guessing you might just have noticed it.


So what did I do?

I decided to make changes to the follow up emails I send out to everyone who asks to receive my free ebook: Accounts Without Fear.

My autoresponder (the software that handles that side of things) decided to start sending them out to all my newsletter subscribers – doh!
Obviously this was user error on my part, the software just did what I unwittingly told it to do!

Disaster darling!

Well no, actually, not really…

RobĀ  highlighted it to me (thanks Rob), but then, here’s the thing, other people like Claire (Hi Claire) said “brilliant Jakki – determined to get myself organised from the start this time around in business!”

Accounts/Bookkeeeping, for a lot of people in business, is something they don’t keep on top of very well, despite the fact that it will show them exactly how well their business is doing giving them the confidence that they are heading in the right direction – which surely is exciting n’est pas?

So I’m runnning with it, no-one unsubscribed and if a few of you lovely subscribers thought ‘oh yeah, time to read that book and do my bookkeeping’,then my work is done.

If you want to get a copy of my free e-book “Accounts Without Fear: 3 Simple Steps To Organising Your Accounts Now” ,then fill in the form over to the right and it’ll be yours in the blink of an eye.

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