Having spent the last couple of days unpicking the work of a bookkeeper who says she is experienced in Sage has left me wondering whether business owners realise that having a sub-standard bookkeeper is costing them a lot of money when it comes to having their accounts prepared.

I suspect not.

As well as looking after my lovely clients I also prepare accounts on a freelance basis for accountants. These are usually, but not exclusively, limited companies, and a number of them use Sage for their bookkeeping.

I love Sage but appreciate that clients can struggle getting to grips with it and that is when they either pay to have training from someone in their accountant’s office or use the services of a bookkeeper.

Even then problems do occur, especially if the bookkeeper in question does not understand how what they are doing affects the the financial accounts. For example they choose nominal account numbers that are balance sheet account numbers when what they want is a profit and loss account number and vice versa. They post journals to either the sales ledger control or the purchase ledger control which is a big no no. And don’t get me started on recurring bank payments!

I rather enjoy the forensic-like investigating of the figures to ensure that they are correct, but rather than just verifying that that is the case, when items have not been posted correctly and it becomes necessary to find out what has been done, this is when your accountants fees start to mount up and all for something that should have been done right in the first place and that you have paid to have done right.

If you use Sage Accounts for your bookkeeping then do you and your bank balance a favour – when you next have your accounts prepared ask your accountant how good the bookkeeping was and if she had to spend longer than necessary to get at the figures.
If you don’t like what you hear then it’s time for a change.

I love Sage so if you need someone to do your Sage bookkeeping then get in touch by clicking here

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