sWell they would wouldn’t they?

When I first launched More Than A Bookkeeper I had a spate of bookkeepers sending me direct messages on Twitter complaining about what I’d written on this blog about the reputation of bookkeepers in general.

I’ve only spoken about experiences that either I or my clients have had and it is the reason they now pay me to do their bookkeeping.

In my almost 30 years of accountancy my experience and those of various accountants of my acquaintance, both now and over the years, has been exactly the same.  It is why bookkeepers have such a bad reputation amongst accountants – because good ones are hard to come by. So what am I to do?  Keep quiet so as not to upset the few who take umbridge at my plain speaking?
Hell no!  I’ve never been like that in any aspect of my life and I don’t intend to start now.

Only last week, I had a bookkeeper on Twitter suggesting, quite rudely as it happens, that my tweets were a bit strange because I recommend spreadsheets for bookkeeping and was stating that accountants do too. She thought that I must be mad or stupid and didn’t mind telling me so…. Nowt as strange as folk, especially online as it happens

Of course, she thought that the answer to every small business’ bookkeeping was to use bookkeeping software.  Now that is mad.  As with any software program first you need to understand what the end result is telling you e.g. the financial reports that the software will give you, because if you don’t, then you can easily make mistakes when inputting information.  Most (not all) business owners don’t fully understand the software they purchase, or subscribe to, and then they struggle and panic and then they don’t do anything and all the while that £10 or £20 per month is being paid for software they’re not using.

Spreadsheets are perfectly adequate for a lot of small businesses and I stand by that statement whether they are small sole trader businesses or limited companies who are VAT registered.  To my mind the turning point comes when the number of transactions increases beyond what is manageable with a spreadsheet and therefore you can’t easily see who owes you money and who you owe money to.

Let me know what you think below (but no more abuse from bookkeepers please) and if you need some help make sure you download my free ebook.

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