Karen Gilbert“To call Jakki a bookkeeper is an understatement. I don’t think I really appreciated the problems a bad bookkeeper could cause until I had one. I was at the end of my tether and Jakki calmly and efficiently lifted everything off my shoulders and quickly sorted it all out. Despite the fact that we live miles apart it is so easy to work with her and I know my accounts will always be correct and done on time. Not sure quite how I managed without her!”


Karen Gilbert, Perfumer and Retailer


Sharon Rose“I first asked Jakki to sort out my bookkeeping in 2010 because I am not a bookkeeper or accountant and I was becoming so buried in paperwork, I was losing the will to live.  I have never looked back since and my accounts have never looked so good.  Jakki has always been reliable and honest and has been a great mentor helping me get my head around a balance sheet. Jakki Rocks! She is professional, efficient and goes the extra mile and leaves me free to concentrate on my business”


Sharon Rose, Property Expert



“As a new small business owner, it has been a huge relief to find someone with Jakki’s expertise and who I can trust.  Apart from being brilliant with monthly accounts and VAT returns, she has given me a great deal of help and support in streamlining the way I conduct the business.  She has been a brilliant and indispensable resource.”


Jane Arnell, Lighter Life Counsellor


“I’m the kind of personality that cannot bear detail & spreadsheets so finding ‘More Than a BookKeeper’ has been like winning the lottery! I can now metaphorically remove the pins from my eyes placed there as an alternative to doing my own book-keeping. I handed over a folder of hundreds of receipts gathered over 6months of property renovation and what was promptly returned was a well organised spreadsheet categorising my purchases – not only making my accountants life easier come end of year tax returns, but enabling me to sort and analyse data so I can accurately budget for the next referb. Utterly fabulous!”

Antoinette Joseph, Property Developer