Are you aware of how many deadlines there are by which time you must submit the various accounting and tax documents in your business? Do you know when they are?

Here’s a list:

  • VAT – when is your VAT return due? When is the money due?
  • PAYE – when are your PAYE returns due and when do you have to pay the money over?
  • Annual Accounts – what is your year-end to which you must make up your accounts? And when are those accounts due for delivery to HMRC? What if you are a sole trader? What if you are a Limited Company?
  • If you are a Limited Company, when is your Annual Return due for submission and what is an Annual Return?
  • When is your tax return due? When do you have to pay the tax due on that return?

And there may be even more, depending on the nature of your business. PllDs anyone?

Some of these dates are the same for all businesses and others are unique to your own business. What’s the best way to keep on top of all of this without sleepless nights and without sweating the deadline?

Ask your accountant when the relevant dates are and keep a chart on your office wall or in your online calendar or whatever system you use to remind you of such things.

If you want your accountant to do the work for you, then ask how much time they need to do it and build that capacity into your calendar. But remember you are delegating not abdicating so even after you have sent your accountant the papers, make sure they received them and action them on time. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but all you are doing is acting responsibly as a small business owner.

Why would any small business do anything other than keep an eye on these dates? Make it someone else’s responsibility to make sure all the statutory deadlines are met – and relax!

Here at we are delighted to do this work for our clients and responsible enough to be trusted with the deadlines. We keep up-to-date with HMRC’s constantly changing submission deadlines and procedures and we are only too happy to inform you of your responsibilities, partnering with you to keep you out of official hot water!

Not much gets done in this world without a deadline but our clients don’t need to burn the midnight oil. Let us take that stress off your shoulders.


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